Khlar Geist

Gruff deaply religious weren security officier for Osiris Mining


Khlar is a averaged sized weren with dark brown fur missing 2/3 of his right tusk. Intricate tribal tattoos cover his back, shoulders and upper arms listing the commandments of his faith in the Divine Unconsciousness.


Khlar left his home world on the urgings of his religious beliefs. After marking himself with the commandments and sacrificing all that he owned he started his journey into enlightenment and salvation. He hires himself out to companies on short term contracts as a security officer and at the end of the contract move on to another world or star system always seeking to make a connection to the divine through his journeys.

He is currently working for the Osiris mining companies under a five year contract of which he is in the first year. His current contract stipulates that he will only be stationed in one place for no more than six months.

Khlar Geist

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